Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Kill Donald Trump*

Donald Trump is a terrorist. Like Osama Bin Laden, Donald Trump uses the money and fame he inherited, to violently promote his beliefs, and to make them the law to oppress those who offend him. Trump has gone off the chart crazy over the last decade. He hasn't just gone crazy conservative, he also like to pull mean slanderous publicity stunts just to get in the news. He's always been dickish, but frankly, I think he may have had a stroke or something, because he seems to have lost  the "ish" entirely. Just a decade ago he supported a woman's right to choose, and advocated universal healthcare, but now, he's rabidly against both.but none of this is illegal. Until now.

You've probably heard about his latest anti-American rant on twitter, calling for a revolution to overthrow the United States right? This is treason. He doesn't like American democracy, so now he want to dictate his agenda, and call that democracy. He will lie and cheat if it suits his cause, but this shouldn't be a surprise.

He has broken the law, and should be thrown in federal prison. That might happen if he was poor, but since he's rich and well connected, I don't expect it will.

Therefore, we must take matters into our own hands. What should we do? I suggest we should kill him. Any chance we get, we should hunt him down, take careful aim, and kill this man.

Hold on, I don't mean like a fatwa or anything. I'm not calling for his murder. Heck, I'm against the death penalty. I mean that we should do everything that we can to kill him financially. To bankrupt him. Like O.J. Simpson, if we cant't jail Trump for his actions, we can dog him, and take as much as possible from him.

If we all vote with our dollars and deeds against his kind of bullying and hate, perhaps we can send a message, or at least take revenge for the damage he is doing to America.

Kill Donald Trump financially by discrediting him (although he's doing a fine job of that himself). Squeal on him. If you have any business dealing with him, and you have any reason whatsoever to believe he has done something illegal or immoral, tell the authorities. He has skeletons. He breaks the law. Watch him, and expose him.

Steal from Donald Trump. He's bilking us, so steal as much as you can from him. Don't misunderstand, I'm not suggesting you should put yourself in harm's way or do anything that would get you thrown in jail, but if you're renting, or if you own in his complexes and are paying HOA fees, move out. Don't do business with him. Don't watch his television shows, and put pressure on NBC to sever ties with him. Don't eat in his restaurants. Boycott the miss Universe Pageant. Use supplies as much as possible in his properties. If he's supplying something (toilet paper, electricity, wifi, water), use it liberally, and be careful not to give him any money while doing it. Don't patronize the businesses that rent from him. They should find another place to rent.

Reduce his profits wherever possible, and help his competition.. Legally of course. Don't vandalize, but make it as costly for him as possible within the law, and by all means, don't buy his ripoff water; TrumpIce.

Here is a partial list of Trump Properties and businesses. Feel free to use the facilities....then leave.

  • Mar-A-Lago Club
  • 40 Wall Street
  • 610 Park Avenue
  • Empire State Building
  • The Plaza Hotel
  • GM Building
  • The Grand Hyatt Hotel
  • Hotel St. Moritz
  • Doral Golf Resort & Spa
  • Waikiki Beach Walk
  • Daniel - New York
  • Jean Georges - New York
  • Megu - New York
  • Sixteen - Chicago
  • Pageant Place
  • Signature Collection
  • and of course, anything with "Trump" on it.


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